Your Architectural Drafting and Rendering Specialist




Over the years I have taught at Rosenburg School in San Francisco for adult re-education

where I not only taught but also created the curiculm for the classes.

Additionally, at Santa Rosa Junior College I taught classes in

hand drafting, CAD drafting, architectural drafting and 3d modeling and rendering.

I would often have students from other instructors come to me for assistance with their questions because

they knew I would strive to help them understand their AutoCAD questions and would usually know the answers.

I have former students and associates who still contact years later when even their AutoCAD distributor cannot help them.

With AutoCAD constantly changing and adding new features every year,

with existing features being altered or simply hidden away

and with the shear volume of commands and options avaliable in AutoCAD,

drafters must always be looking for ways to increase or maintain their level of productivity.

I can show you the basics for turning AutoCAD into a powerful customized program that is necessary for

high speed production drafting required in today's fast paced offices.

In order to assist in this endeavor, I do one on one training and also group sessions in office to help

your firm with their productivity.

In working in a one on one basis I will come in and watch as you work and point out ideas for you to

be a more efficiant drafter, show you how to utilize commands that you either don't know about

or have forgotten and learn about your work flow and see where we can create custom routines

that will make you more productive by lowering the amount of steps you take to complete a task.

I have also offered my knowledge online in various forums and articles on AutoCAD through various newsgroups,

previously written bi-weekly articles at and at the Accurender website.

In addition was an editor for the student edition training manual that previously came out with AutoCAD LT.

Because of my varied experience with AutoCAD I have also been asked repeatedly to visit Autodesk HQ

where I do customer feedback sessions on upcoming products in pre-alpha and alpha testing phases

since I am used to observing how their software is used from points of view including the casual user, the power user and the learner.

My fees are reasonably priced to meet the goals of your learning requirements.